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Hi fellow drivers! My name is Mike (Dean) Gumora. Im the first official rideshare driver in the industry vetted by the first Rideshare/TNC start up Sidecar in 2011. I have driven for all 3 big Rideshare companies, and currently drive for Uber & Lyft. I have over 7 years experience as a rideshare driver in the industry. The rideshare industry is my passion. I have followed and studied the industry since 2011. But, my real passion is supporting the ever growing community of drivers like You and I.

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    This one worked for me:
    $15 Off Your First Order From UberEATS
    Code: eats-uberuber9i2qn5

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      Mike Dean

      Hey Katie thanks for sharing my UberEATS promo code for those folks who want $15 off ordering on UberEATS! You’re awesome!


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