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Last Updated on December 29, 2019 by Mike Dean

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Contact Uber Driver Support By Email

Contact Uber if you need to reach them by email. I have researched and compiled a comprehensive list of Uber’s official Uber Driver Partners email support contact addresses and websites:

UPDATE:  Uber is no longer taking “direct email” inquiries or support questions through any of their emails listed below. Instead all support questions will initiate in the Uber driver-partner app via in-app messaging, or by visiting Once an in-app inquiry has be made it will generate an in-app message response and an actual email response which you can then reply to via email or by in-app messaging. You can also follow the instructions below for both online desktop support and in-App support:

Contact Uber Driver Phone Support

Uber driver phone support number is only available for currently active drivers on the Uber and Uber eats platform. The support number can only be initially accessed via the uber driver app so be sure to save it to your contacts.

To access the Uber driver support phone number in the partner app follow the steps below:

  1. log on to your uber partner app
  2. Click the menu symbol in the upper left corner
  3. Click on “Help” bottom left
  4. Click on the “Call Support” icon to reveal Ubers 24-hour support number

My Personal Uber support Hotline

Many current and potential Uber drivers find that attempting to contact Uber by email can be a challenging experience since getting an answer can require multiple back and forth email correspondence. This includes when a driver has questions where the answers may not be available in the Uber driver-partner app or in the online help sections.

Many drivers have reached out to contact me via email venting their frustrations about Ubers support contact process. Therefore I’ve taken it upon my self to provide my personal Uber Phone Support Hotline number which I’ve made available to support the Uber driver community. Whether its questions about Uber driver sign up bonuses, the Uber driver sign up process, vehicle or driver requirements and/or inspections, or local regulations and resources, I’m well versed in all facets of the Uber driver experience and can support the Uber driver community in getting the right answers or guiding drivers to the appropriate resources.

Feel free to reach out and call me on my Uber driver support hotline if you have any questions, however, I suggest Ubers support number first or visiting an Uber Greenlight support center to talk with a live Uber support representative.

Mike Dean Uber Driver Expert and Specialist Phone Support Hotline: 1-415-570-4773

Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Center

YOu can find a local Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Center at locations in your city or area here

How to Contact Uber Via Online Driver Dashboard on Desktop/Laptop/Mobile Browser:

  1. Visit
  2. Go to “Account and Payment” option”
  3. Click on “Changing account settings”
  4. Under “Change Account Settings” choose “I have another account issue.
  5. Use this Direct Link & Sign in with your Uber driver email credentials 
  6. Add your details in the custom share details help box, then submit. You will receive a reply via in-app messaging, and in your email inbox which you can then reply to both.

Uber Driver Email Phone SupportHow to Contact Uber Via In-App Support Messaging Center:

  1. In the Uber driver app “Home” screen click on the “Account” tab bottom right.
  2. In the “Account” tab click on the “Help” tab in the menu list
  3. In “Help” choose  “Account and Payment” option”
  4. Then click on “Changing account settings”
  5. Under “Change Account Settings” scroll down to “I have another account issue”
  6. Click on “I have another account issue”
  7.  Add your details in the custom share details help box, then submit. You will receive a reply via in-app messaging, and in your email inbox which you can then reply to both.

Note: Uber Phone Support is now available via Uber driver-partner phone in selected pre-launched cities, and will be rolling out to more cities in the near future. If you see a phone icon in the upper right corner of the “Help” tab it means Uber phone support is now active your city/market. See the video on “Contact Uber: Uber Launches Driver Phone Support.”

contact uber phone email support help customer service
Contact Uber Phone Support


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Need a retroactive Uber referral invite code to get your missed Uber driver sign-up bonus? New Uber drivers who weren’t referred by a current or active driver, did not use an Uber referral invite code, or did not sign up via an Uber driver sign-up bonus promotional link can still qualify for a new Uber driver sign-up bonus providing its within 15 days of being activated or approved to drive on the Uber platform. Our exclusive self-help article on how to a “Retroactive Uber Referral Invite Code-Missed Uber Driver Sign-up Bonus”  will walk you through several simple steps to get and apply an Uber referral invite code for both Uberx or UberEATS drivers. Click here to get your missed new Uber driver sign up bonus today!

Contact Uber Local Driver Partner Affiliate using Uber Support Email Addresses below:

Update: Direct Uber Email support for drivers has been permanently discontinued. See info and instructions above.

Contact Uber Driver Partner Support affiliate using Uber’s General Support email address:

Uber this General Support link to contact Uber: (Note: All Uber email general support emails are routed to your local Uber affiliate support customer service representative)

Uber Driver Partner Official Websites & Direct Links:

Contact Uber Email Support for Best Results

While many drivers want questions answered in the fastest time possible, I don’t recommended sending multiple emails to Uber with the same question. Be patient. In my years of experience as an Uber driver sending only one email at a time appears to get the best results.  While Uber’s customer service email support is not perfect, Ive seen great improvements over the last 5 years. Email replies that once could took 24 hours for a response are now being answered, in some cases, within just one hour or less. Thats a major improvement in response time. There are also multiple resources available to contact Uber. See my article here on 6 ways to contact Uber (coming soon).

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