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Hi fellow drivers! My name is Mike (Dean) Gumora. Im the first official rideshare driver in the industry vetted by the first Rideshare/TNC start up Sidecar in 2011. I have driven for all 3 big Rideshare companies, and currently drive for Uber & Lyft. I have over 7 years experience as a rideshare driver in the industry. The rideshare industry is my passion. I have followed and studied the industry since 2011. But, my real passion is supporting the ever growing community of drivers like You and I.

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    The problem with drivers generally speaking is this: they make “great money” working full or part time as non profits.

    This is the part Uber and Lyfts omissions.

    Uber and Lyft know drivers are working as non
    Profits, but the drivers are in complete denial, always trying to figure out some slick way of keeping their hourly up.

    So check this out, if cab drivers couldn’t make money at the rates they were charging pre Uber/lyft then what makes you think you drivers can do better with less?

    Uber and Lyft are/will continue to keep rates low in order to gain market share from public transportation until they are bankrupt at the expense of Uber and Lyft drivers even if it destroys these drivers so I guess the question is how much longer are you guys and gals going to be gluttons for punishment?

    You need to jump off that ride share hamster wheel before it destroys you emotional, Physically and economically, it’s your choice, jump off or get thrown from it!

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    Oh get real. Your anger is meaningless.

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      Mike Dean

      Thanks for your insightful constructive comment. Im sure many can benefit from your intelligent input

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      Mike Dean

      Thank you for he meaningful comment…insightful

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