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Hi fellow drivers! My name is Mike (Dean) Gumora. Im the first official rideshare driver in the industry vetted by the first Rideshare/TNC start up Sidecar in 2011. I have driven for all 3 big Rideshare companies, and currently drive for Uber & Lyft. I have over 7 years experience as a rideshare driver in the industry. The rideshare industry is my passion. I have followed and studied the industry since 2011. But, my real passion is supporting the ever growing community of drivers like You and I.

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    I Recommend that everybody uses Mike Dean’s PROMO CODE!

    Mike was so Generous that he texted me after I used his code to tell me that he would PayPal me an EXTRA $$$ !!! once I complete the 100 ride requirement! True to his Word, he send the Money the very next day after I completed my hundred rides!

    He also messaged to tell me that I could contact him if I ever had any questions about the driving process or how to make extra income with referral bonuses!

    I highly recommend that you use his code. Mike was so Helpful, Generous and True to his Word.

    Thanks again Mike!

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      Mike Dean

      Thank You for the kind comment 🙂

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    Is there any way to tell upfront what this bonus ( DRIVELYFTUSA) will be? I live in the Atlanta, GA area and I don’t wanna wind up with $500 signing bonus when I could have potentially done a $1000 (for more rides) bonus straight up.

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      Mike Dean

      No. Sign up bonuses are not published from either Uber or Lyft. Sign up now its probably the best time!

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    David K

    Thanks for the code. My city ended up really sucking. Lyft offered me up to $2.10 or something like that a mile up to $150 after I entered code .
    I finished signing up and submitted all paper work then they said $1 something a mile up to $50. Thanks for the code anyways maybe I can make some decent tips 😁Unlike the other company .

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      Mike Dean

      Sorry to here the bonus wasn’t what you expected. Bonuses are subject to change anytime

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