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Lyft FREE $50 Ride Promo Code Extended for New Riders Only!

Last Updated on December 11, 2019 by Mike Dean

Lyft Promo Code for Riders Up to $20!

Lyft FREE $50 Ride Promo Code for first-time users! This is up from the regular $20 FREE Lyft promo code credits. To redeem your FREE Lyft $50 ride promo code visit here, or click on the Lyft $50 Freeride promo code image below! Lyft $50 FREE Promo Code is ending soon, so claim yours now! Click on the link below, and Go, go, go! >>>>

If you already have the Lyft app but haven’t applied for any FREE Lyft promo codes just follow the instructions below:

Instructions: Your Free Lyft Promo Code “50LUV” is valid for your first 10 rides. Amount of ride credit may vary (up to $50) and any remaining credit not used will be removed after ride is taken. To redeem your Lyft Promo Code to apply to your first Lyft ride, download the Lyft App on your Apple or Android smartphone device, open the app, Tap “Payment” & copy and enter the above Lyft Promo Code into the box. Now enjoy your first ride!

Lyft $50 Free Rides Promo Code Coupons
Get Up To $50 in FREE Lyft Rides Now!

NOTE: The referral code (DRIVELYFTUSA) can be used as a new Lyft driver bonus referral code. Lyft new driver referral amounts can be from $150-$750 based on your city or state, and vary from market to market. You can check for your Lyft new driver referral code here: Lyft New Driver Referral Sign Up Bonus. Lyft’s new driver referral bonus amounts are based on the invitees (you’re) market, not the inviter’s (referrer’s) market. Thus, regardless of the amount shown in the referrers link, the amount “you” qualify for will only be based on your current market’s bonus availability.