Uber Driver Sign Up Bonus-Best Uber Driver Promo Invite Code 2018


Best Uber Driver Sign up Bonus Up to $1,200!  Best Referral Promo Invite Code 2018!

Need full or part-time income? Want the freedom and flexibility to drive when you want, where you want? There has never been a better time than now to join Uber as many drivers are earning great cash while grabbing a generous new Uber driver sign up bonus valued up to $1,200 based on select cities. Our exclusive new Uber driver sign-on bonus promo invite code is already embedded in the Offical new Uber driver sign up promo link URL, and is guaranteed to get you the highest possible bonus set by Uber in your city!

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Uber Driver Sign up Bonus & Promotion Hotline: 1-415-570-4773

uber driver sign up bonusHow to get your new Uber driver sign up bonus for your city? Call the only direct new Uber driver support hotline available today: 1-415-570-4773

Uber Driver Sign up Bonus Promotion is Here! If you looking to join Uber and become an Uber driver now is the best time as new Uber driver sign up bonuses are at the highest. New Uber driver sign up bonuses are red hot in cities like San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore, New York, Orange County, Oakland, Palo Alto, Arizona, and San Jose just to name a few. Uber’s passenger growth has increased rapidly over the last several years keeping Uber in constant need of a fresh new driver supply to meet that demand. The Uber driver sign up bonus promotion is designed to encourage drivers to join the ridesharing, build supply, and meet new passenger demand while offering huge cash sign up bonuses just for signing up! Uber’s latest promotions, incentives, hourly guarantees, and weekly bonuses are helping drivers earn between $18-$40 per hour while driving on their own schedule, part and full-time. Uber’s even has a vehicle lease and car rental program for new drivers who don’t own their own car or current drivers who don’t want to use their own car.

Earn up to $35hr- Get a new Uber driver sign-up bonus up to $1,200!

Note: Earning amounts may vary by market

Sign-Up with Uber Today!

Official New Uber Driver Sign Up Bonuses Promotion-2017

Rideshare Report strives to be clear and transparent when it comes providing correct information for new or current Uber drivers. Regardless of any promotional amount in the link you use, or the amount promoted in advertising, blogs, or Youtube Videos, you will only receive the bonus that applies to your city.

Uber sets the new Uber driver sign up bonus amount for each city during different promotional periods. When a new driver signs up with a current drivers promotional link/code, the Uber sign up bonus amount will be generated based only on the city of that new driver. If a potential new driver signs up directly with Uber, and/or does not use another current drivers promo code, that new driver will not qualify for a bonus. (SEE RETRO BONUS BELOW IF THIS APPLIES TO YOU)

Uber provides each new driver with a promotional link/referral promo code they can share with friends, family or their social networks which will allow both the new Uber driver and the referring driver to earn a bonus when the new driver completes a number of required rides. Sharing your promotional link can be extremely beneficial in increasing your overall income. Unfortunately, Uber does not publish the Uber diver sign-up bonus amounts for each city or market they operate in as promotions and incentives can change at any given time.

As a 7 year veteran, official first rideshare driver, and an authority of the industry as a whole, I understand the confusion generated with bonuses so I decided to take it to the next level and provide you with the most up to date and accurate information regarding Uber driver sign up bonuses.  If you need further support or have questions feel free to call me (Mike Dean) at the number below. And remember, you must use the promotional link to qualify for your new Uber driver sign-up bonus.

Uber Driver Sign Up Bonus & Promotion Hotline: 1-415-570-4773

New Driver Support • Uber Driver Sign up Bonus Information • Lock in your Bonus Now!

Uber Driver Sign up Bonus Promo Invite Codes Available Cities

Uber is growing at a rapid pace as they expand into more cities in the U.S. and around the world. Alongside Uber’s global domination comes the increase in Uber sign up bonuses for new drivers. We created a list of all U.S. cities where Uber currently offers their new Uber driver sign up bonus program. The following Uber driver sign up bonus promotional links already have the required Uber driver promo code or invite code embedded in the URL (www.uber.com/a/join-vs?exp=vs-t&invite_code=uberuber9i2qn5) so all you need to do is simply click on any of our new driver sign up links and automatically have your Uber driver promo or invite coded applied to your new account. The Uber driver sign up bonuses are based on the city a new driver, and not the promo code which means our promo codes will still give you the highest available bonus value that Uber has pre-set for your city and/or market. Please note that Uber driver sign up bonus amounts may vary by city or state, season, month to month, promotion type and /or promotional time periods. Uber reserves the right to modify or change new Uber driver sign up bonus promotions, reward amounts, or the referral bonus structure at their own discretion.

Uber Driver Sign Up Bonus Promo Codes-Invite Codes Available Cities

uber sign up bonus missed retro for new driverRetroactive Uber Referral Invite Code Missed Uber Driver Sign up Bonus Up to $1,200! 1-415-570-4773

Missed, Missing, or Retroactive Uber Invite Code driver sign up bonus, or promo/invite code Hotline can help you get your missed new diver sign up bonus if you did not apply a promo/referral or invite code during when signing up for Uber.


Text or call the Retroactive Bonus Hotline ASAP. You have 15 days from activation/approval to claim a missed new Uber driver sign up bonus!!!

Retroactive/Missed Uber Driver Sign Up Bonus Hotline: 1-415-570-4773

Why Drive for Uber?

Driving for Uber is an awesome way to earn extra cash part-time or full-time while choosing your own time and schedule. Being an Uber driver allows you the freedom and flexibility to clock in any time, any day. While most traditional jobs require a set schedule, day and time, as an Uber driver your schedule begins when you decide to open your app, login, go online, and hit the road. It’s that simple. Drive when you want, however long you want, anytime you want, and on the days you want.  The best part of driving for Uber is not just about making easy extra income on your time, but you get to have fun, connect, network and socialize with others, and enhance your driving skills at the same time.

 Who Drives for Uber?

People just like you! Teachers, students, homemakers, retirees, networkers, in between job hunters, part-time, full-time, and extra income seekers. Hundreds of thousand of people around the globe drive for Uber, and so can you!

Claim your New Uber Driver Sign-up Bonus Today! Hurry Promotions Ending Soon!

  1. Click on the link, and launch the new uber driver sign up form
  2. Fill out the required information
  3. Choose “I need car” if you interested in a leasing or rental options program
  4. Submit your application then check your email for your confirmation invite and bonus amount

How to Apply as an Uber Driver

Applying to drive for Uber is as simple as 1-2-3! Just fill out the new Uber driver sign up promo form provided via this link or check for your bonus amount in the city you will be driving in. After you complete the new Uber driver sign up process, meet vehicle requirements, submit requested documentation, pass a background check, and pass vehicle inspection your well on your way to hit the road and start earning some cash! Depending on how fast you complete the entire sign up process, you could be driving for Uber is less than 10 days!

How to Claim Your Uber Driver Sign-Up Bonus?

After you’re approved to drive for Uber, and your account is activated, you have 30 days from the day of activation to complete the required rides in order to qualify for your Uber driver sign-on bonus. New Uber driver sign up bonuses, and required rides are based on the time of promotion in your city or market.

Uber Vehicle Requirements:

Uber offers several services from its standard UberX service to its luxury line called UberSelect. Each service has its own set of vehicle requirements. UberX, the most popular and basic service requires a 4 door vehicle based on a certain year, while the professional premium UberSelect service may be limited to certain luxury class vehicles such as Mercedes, BMW or Lexus. However, all vehicles must meet the minimum qualifications below in order for you to drive in your city:

  • The vehicle model year must be 2001 or newer*
  • Vehicle type must be a 4-door vehicle or minivan, seat 4 passengers (not including driver), and have total 5 seat belts
  • Be in relatively good condition with no major dents, blemishes or cosmetic damage
  • No full-sized vans like Chevrolet Express or Ford Transit are allowed
  • No marked, Taxi or government cars permitted for use
  • No salvaged cars or rebuilt vehicles allowed
  • Vehicle must have in-state plates
  • Car must be currently registered, but the registration can be under another name
  • Pass a vehicle inspection

*Note: Most cities vehicle requirements are 2001 or newer, however, Uber does require some cities vehicle age to be 2005, 2006 or newer as well.

Uber Driver Requirements:

  • You must be 21 years of age or older (some cities require a driver to be a minimum of 23 years old).
  • You must have at least 3 years driving experience.
  • You must have a valid in-state Drivers License (this may depend on your state).
  • You must have in-state personal auto/car insurance, or be under someone’s insurance policy
  • You must have a clean driving history and/or driving record.
  • You must pass a background check.

Can I Still be an Uber Driver Without Owning a Car?

Yes! Uber has a leasing program called Uber XChange Leasing, and a car rental program with Hertz and Enterprise thats affordable and convenient. See details on Uber’s rental and lease programs below:

Uber XChange Leasing Program:

  • With Uber’s XChange program  you can choose to drive popular models with super flexible leases
  • No long-term commitment required-Return your car lease anytime with 2 weeks notice
  • Lease plans are up to 36 months on popular cars from Toyota, GM, Ford, Nissan, Hyundai, Chrysler, and more
  • Every lease comes with routine maintenance and no mileage caps so you can drive as much as you want.
  • Get started with just a $250 security deposit with affordable weekly payments automatically deducted from that week’s Uber earnings. Its that simple!
  • To Apply for Uber’s lease XChange program simply sign up with our special Uber driver promo code link in order to qualify your new driver bonus.
uber driver sign up bonus Uber_Xchange_leasing_sign_up_bonus_drive_uber_with_no_car


Hertz & Enterprise Rental Program for New Uberx Drivers

  • Includes unlimited mileage, maintenance, and vehicle coverage
  • No additional insurance required
  • No credit check if you pay deposit with credit card
  • Sign up to drive Uber for more details

uber_hertz_car_rental_program uber driver signup bonusuber_enterprise_car_rental_program

When do I get paid from Uber?


  • Driver earnings are paid automatically into your bank account every Thursday through direct deposit.
  • Your pay period will begin Monday’s at 4:00 am and end on the following Monday at 3:59 am.
  • You will receive an email every Monday with a link to your pay statement. You also have the option to log in to your Partner Dashboard at partners.uber.com and click on the ‘Pay Statements’ tab on the lefthand side to access and see each weekly statement.
  • You can also get paid daily using the most popular instant pay platform option now available for Uber drivers called “Dailypay.” Dailypay is used by thousands of Uber drivers who get paid instantly on a daily basis. You can find out more about Dailypay here.

Lyft Needs New Drivers Too!  The Bonus is Now Up to $5,000!

Lyft currently has a new Lyft driver sign up bonus up to $5,000 in select cities! Its always a good idea to have options with multiple streams of income always available at all times justin casee of network error, or temporary deactivation due to missing or incorrect documents. Running both apps in some cites can also help to increase request frequency from both apps. The more request, the more money you can earn. Click on this special promo link and Lyft new driver sign up bonus and claim your new Lyft driver sign up bonus today! 

 uber driver sign up bonus Lyft sign up bonus for new drivers $1000-$750-$500-$350-$250

Click here to check the Lyft Driver Sign-up Bonus in your city

Car Doesn’t Qualify? Want to Deliver Food Instead of People? UberEats is in Your City!

Qualifying as an UberEATS delivery driver has never been easier. Whether your car is an older 1996 or newer model with a salvaged title, has only 2 doors, or is even a pickup truck you can still qualify as an UberEATS driver. Uber will process you sign-up application quickly, get you the tools you need, and get you on the road earning great money in no time.

UberEats Driver Sign Up Bonus Up to $1,100! Best Promo Invite Code

UberEATS is growing fast in over 40 cities in the U.S., and Uber needs drivers just like you to support the exploding demand of new UberEATS customers. Find out how to become an UberEats driver today while receiving a generous new UberEATS driver sign-up bonus up to $1,100 depending on your city. Our exclusive “How to Become an UberEATS Delivery Driver” guide will provide you with all the tips, strategies, and knowledge you need to get started, earn up to 28Hr, and how to claim your huge UberEats driver sign-up bonus!

UberEats Food Delivery Driver Courier Sign Up Bonus

Earn Up to $28Hr! Sign Up Now!

Use Promo Code: michaelg3743 for your Bonus!

UberEats Driver Requirements

  • You must be 19 years of age or older (21 years of age or older in Canada)
  • You must have a valid driver’s license
  • Must have personal auto insurance
  • Proof of vehicle registration
  • Registration can be in another person’s name if both parties are on the same insurance
  • Minimum 1 year of driving experience
  • Expect to lift up to 30 pounds (I’ve never picked up food over 5 lbs!)
  • Pass a DMV/Criminal background check which goes back up to the last 7 years

UberEats Vehicle Requirements

  • Any 1996 vehicle or newer
  • 2-4 door vehicle, van, or pick up pick truck
  • All salvage title vehicles allowed
  • Scooters are accepted but Uber insurance policy does not cover scooter vehicle types
  • You can also use a bicycle in selected cities!

Deliver Food and Earn Up to $28Hr!


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