Uber Driver Sign Up Bonus Up to $1,250-Best Referral Promo Invite Code 2018

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Uber Driver Sign up Bonus Up to $1,250! Best Uber Driver Promo Code 2018!

It’s another great year and Uber needs new drivers like you to accommodate the busy upcoming seasons, and non stop growing demand. Grab our exclusive Uber driver promo code and be prepared to get some cash to get started. Uber driver bonus sign-ups and guarantees are off the charts, and won’t last long. Lock in your Uber driver promo code offer by signing up to be an Uber driver today! Drive when you want, where you want, anytime, on your time! What better opportunity to earn cash at the push of a button with the freedom and flexibility to be your own boss. Ridesharereort is sharing our exclusive Uber Driver Sign up Bonus Promo Invite Code to help get extra cash just for signing up as a new Uber driver.

New Uber driver sign-on bonus promo invite codes are on fire in cities like San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Denver, Boston, Chicago, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Honolulu, Orange County, Oakland, Palo Alto, and San Jose just to name a few.

So if you’re looking to claim an Uber driver bonus promo code or invite code offer, be sure to use our exclusive, tested, and verified new referral Uber driver promo code or invite code below. Our referral promo invite code is guaranteed to get you the highest bonus available for your city!

Note: Uber new driver sign-up bonus promotions vary by city and state, and are subject to change at Uber’s discretion. Bonus amounts are set by Uber for each city, and not specific to any Uber driver promo code or invite code. This means our new driver promo code will generate the highest possible signup bonus available for your city! What are you are you waiting for? We invite you to join the team! Click on the new Uber driver sign up bonus link below, and start earning great full or part-time income as an Uber driver today!


Uber Driver Bonus – Highest Uber Driver Promo Code Bonus by City List 2018

We compiled a list that has the highest Uber driver bonus sign-on offers by the city. Uber driver bonus amount varies by city and/market and can change at any time. This also includes the cities that have the top Uber driver bonus amounts which do change and rotate often. We’ll update this list when that information becomes available. Just keep in mind, if your city is not on the list, it doesn’t mean you won’t receive a generous new Uber drier sign–on bonus. Also, it’s important you use our exclusive Uber driver promo code uberuber9i2qn5 as it will generate you the highest possible Uber driver bonus for your city. Simply use the Uber driver promo code link which already has the Uber Driver Promo Code all set and embedded in form URL for you. No need add the promo code!

Alameda, CA

Anaheim, CA

Atlanta, GA

Baltimore, MD

Berkeley, CA

Boston, MA

Burlingame, CA

Campbell, CA

Charleston, SC

Chicago, IL

Cupertino, CA

Daly City, CA

Dallas-Fort Worth

Denver, CO

Fremont, CA

Honolulu, HI

Hayward, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Los Gatos, CA

Martinez, CA

Milpitas, CA

Minneapolis, MN

Mountain View, CA

Newark, CA

New Jersey

Oakland, CA

Orange County, CA

Pacifica, CA

Palo Alto, CA

Philidelphia, PA

Pleasanton, CA

Redwood City, CA

San Bruno, CA

San Diego, CA

San Francisco, CA

San Leandro, CA

San Jose, CA

San Mateo, CA

Santa Clara, CA

Sunnyvale, CA

Union city, CA

Washington D.C.

How to Claim Your Uber Driver Sign up Bonus, and Start Driving with Uber

Simply click on this link, fill out the quick sign up form, or text only: 1-415-570-4773
Start driving your car for Uber, and earn great cash anytime!
Complete the required rides in your city and earn your bonus.


Lyft Driver Sign up Bonus Up to


+Earn Up to $35Hr! Sign Up Now!

Uber Driver Promo Code-Claim Your Bonus

Uber Driver Promo Code-Sign Up Bonus Up to $1,250-Limited Promo 2018














IMPORTANT: Uber driver bonus is now up to $1,250! Hurry promo won’t last long! You will only receive your uber driver bonus by using this SPECIAL PROMO LINK OR UBER DRIVER PROMO CODE: uberuber9i2qn5 . New Uber Driver Bonus amounts may vary by market and are subject to change. Be sure to Use our exclusive Uber driver invite code or promo code during sign up to qualify for your Uber driver bonus today!

Uber Driver Sign Up Bonus* Up to $1,250 Based on City!

*Note: You must complete the required rides (20-100) in your city to qualify for your bonus!

How to Apply a New Uber Driver Sign up Bonus Promo Invite Code:

There are several important steps, and reminders you should consider when applying your new Uber driverUber driver promo code or invite code. You can only apply once so be sure to follow all instructions carefully to ensure a new Uber driver sign up bonus is generated:

  1. IMPORTANT: If you sign up to drive using this special Uber driver sign up bonus referral promotional invite link the promo code is already embedded in the URL and an Uber driver sign up bonus will be generated automatically (RECOMMENDED)
  2. If you visit Uber.com and sign up under “Become a Driver” you must enter and apply the Uber driver invite code, promo code or referral code uberuber9i2qn5 in the Uber driver sign-up form (NOT RECOMMENDED: Errors have been known to occur when entering a promo invite code using this method)
  3. Not entering the Uber driver invite code, promo code or referral code, or applying correctly will disqualify you from receiving a new Uber driver sign up bonus
  4. You must meet the new Uber driver sign up bonus requirements to qualify:
    1. Complete the required amount of Uber rides (ex. 25-100 which may vary by city/market)
    2. Complete the required amount of Uber rides within a certain time period (ex. within 30 days which may vary by city/market)
  5. IMPORTANT: You cannot sign-up more than once so be sure to enter the correct name, email, city, phone, and of course the Uber promo invite code:uberuber9i2qn5
  6. To ensure the promo referral invite code uberuber9i2qn5 is applied correctly, we highly recommend you use this Uber driver sign up bonus referral promotional invite link which has the promo invite code pre-embedded in the URL and will automatically generate a referral Uber sign up bonus promo invite code for you
  7. Missed Your Bonus or Forgot to Add a Promo Invite Code? If you forgot or did not use a promo invite code or invite link during sign up you still have 15 days from the day you were activated and/or approved to add a retroactive Uber driver referral invite code for an Uber driver sign up bonus by visiting: Retroactive Uber Referral Invite Code-Missed Uber Driver Bonus




Uber driver sign-up bonus up to $1,200

Should I use an Uber Driver Invite Code, Promo Code, Referral Code or Promotional Link for My Uber Driver Sign up Bonus?

  • Uber driver invite code, Uber driver promo code, and Uber driver referral code all share the same meaning
  • Promotional Links already have the Invite Code, Promo Code, or Referral Code embedded in the URL. Ex. https://www.uber.com/a/join-vs?exp_slp=1&exp_hvp=1&exp=vs-t&invite_code=uberuber9i2qn5
  • Promotional Links “Guarantee” you won’t miss out on your Uber driver sign up bonus
  • Promotional Links will have the same results as adding a promo code, but are much safer!
  • Invite Code, Promo Code, or Referral Code cannot be misspelled or entered incorrectly
  • Many drivers have lost their bonus because the Invite Code, Promo Code, or Referral Code was not applied correctly
  • Based on our findings a Promotional Link like ours here is the best, and safest way to apply to ensure you qualify for a new Uber driver sign up bonus

Uber Driver Promo Code Sign Up Bonus City List

The following is a list of all Ubers markets in the U.S. Uber driver bonus rewards are based on the city of the new driver, not the Uber driver promo code or invite code which means our promo invite codes will give you the highest available bonus Uber has set for your city or market. Ubers driver sign up bonus amounts may vary by city, state, season, time of promotion and /or promotional periods. Uber reserves full right to change Uber driver sign up bonus promotions, reward amounts, or the bonus structure at their own discretion.

Uber Driver Sign Up Bonus Promo Invite Code Available Cities

Uber Driver Referral Code & How to Sign up New Drivers for a Bonus

One of the great things about driving with Uber is the freedom and flexibility to earn come your own time. We all now that the more we drive, the more we earn. Most drivers only focus on “driving more, to earn more”,  as the only means to increase their income. While driving more seems the logical and only alternative to boosting your income, there are actually 2 other methods or ways that Uber allows drivers to make more money? I call these other methods the “Hidden Goldmine”, and that’s where your Uber driver referral code comes into play. Found directly in the Uber partner app, every driver has access to their own unique and personalized Uber driver referral code or invite code that they can share with potential new riders or drivers. Every time a new rider or driver uses your referral code and completes the requirements and terms pertaining to a rider or driver, they receive a reward, and you receive a reward. For example, if a new driver uses my referral code uberuber9i2qn5, or uses my referral link https://www.uber.com/a/join-vs?exp=vs-t&invite_code=uberuber9i2qn5, I have officially referred a new driver. As you can see my referral link has the referral code in the URL. Before I continue I want to clarify that the term “Referral Code” is, according to Uber, technically called the “Invite Code”. However, it’s not uncommon that the term Uber Driver Referral Code, Uber Driver Invite Code or Uber Driver Promo Code will be used interchangeably by Bloggers, YouTubers or potential new drivers searching online for a “bonus code”. For the sake of “referring” driver or riders in this segment of the article, I’ll use the term “Uber Driver Referral Code” for now. The following will provide you with instructions on where to find your Uber Driver Referral Code and several methods on how to share it that can help you make more cash.

Where to find your Uber Driver Referral Code in the Partner App

  1. Open the Uber partner app
  2. Click on the “Earnings” tab
  3. Click on the “Invites” tab
  4. At the top of the “Invites” page, you can find “Your Invites Code”
  5. Take note and write down your Invite Code to share with potential new drivers
  6. You can also “Copy Invite Code” and convert it to your personal promotional invite landing page. See my landing page here
    1. Click on “Copy Invite Code” in blue tab box
    2. Open your chrome or safari browser
    3. Paste in the browser, then hit enter to load your personal promotional invite landing page

Where to Promote your Uber Driver Referral Code for Sign up Bonuses

  1. Share with friends and family via personal and email or phone contacts
  2. Social media networks, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc
  3. Print on business cards, flyers, or postcards
  4. Share on your Youtube channel videos
  5. Start and share in a blog like the Ridesharereport.com or Ridesharedriver.com

What is Uber?

Uber is a smartphone app that makes it easy to get paid for driving your own car. It’s simple and easy to use. When you want to make money just turn on the app and pick up riders. You’ll see how much you made after every ride and you’ll get paid weekly or now with Uber’s Instant Pay!

Uber driver Sign-up Bonus Promo invite code

Why Drive With Uber?

There is a multitude of reasons to drive with Uber. Flexibility, great income, and getting paid every day with Ubers Instant Pay feature is just several to start. Not to mention a generous new Uber drivers sign up bonus to get motivated to hit the road!

Uber is Flexible

Drive when you want, anytime you want. Day’s, nights or weekends it’s up to you. Simply log in to your app and start driving anytime!

Make Money When You Want

With Uber, you’re the boss. You get to decide how often you want to drive and earn. The more you drive, the more you earn!

Use Uber as Your Personal ATM Machine

You don’t have to be a career Uber driver to get paid any time you want. Many drivers are part-time, and literally, use Uber as their own personal instant ATM cash machine to get cash when they need it. Imagine having a bill due tomorrow but having to wait next week to be paid for your current job. Or, wanting something special to purchase right now without waiting another week or two. How about needing a few extra bucks in your pocket to splurge this coming weekend. With Uber, you can now get paid anytime simply by cashing out your fare earnings with the touch of a button, directly into your own bank account debit card! Uber’s Instant pay system will let you cash out $20, $50, $500 or any amount you need Instantly based on the fares you’ve just earned! Drive, get paid, pay a bill or just have fun…with Uber’s Instant Pay!

Uber’s Automatic GPS Navigation

The Uber partner app will always give you clear directions around your town or city with easy to follow turn-by-turn navigation. You’ll always know where to pick up and drop off riders!

Uber Partner Discounts

Uber’s partner discount programs will save cash on gas, auto maintenance, phone plans, and more with Uber’s special partner rewards program.

Get Paid Daily

Driving with Uber now allows you to get paid instantly, every day. Fill up your tank, pay bills or just buy something special for yourself. Uber’s Instant Pay options can get your fare earnings made available in your bank account, and accessible to your ATM debit card in 10 seconds by the push of a button!.  Sign-up for Uber and get paid Instantly with Instant pay today!

Uber Driver Requirements

  • You must be at least 21 years old
  • Have a clean driving record
  • Pass a background check.
  • Have a valid Drivers License and Registration (registration doesn’t have to be in your name)
  • Personal Auto Insurance
  • Have a smartphone-iPhone 4s or Android mobile device. No phone? No worries Uber will lend you a phone for a small weekly fee.
  • A great attitude, smile and willingness to do your best!

Uber Vehicle Requirements

  • UberX:  4 passengers, 2001 or newer model, 4 door sedan. In some cities, it must be a 2005 or newer so be sure to check your cities requirements. UberX is the most popular option for drivers and riders. Sign up for UberX.
  • UberXL:  6 passengers. UberXL is typically an SUV or minivan. XL fares are higher than UberX. Sign up for UberXL.
  • UberSelect: 4 passenger Luxury vehicles such as ex. BMW, Audi, Mercedes, etc. with leather interiors and mostly newer model vehicles. UberSelect fares are higher than UberXL. Sign up for UberSelect.
  • UberSUV: 6 passenger premium luxury SUV’s. Commercially registered and insured SUV’s provides limo type services. UberBlack and Uber SUV have the highest fare’s on the platforms. Sign up for UberSUV.
  • UberBlack: 4 passenger is the premium luxury black car limo like service. These are commercially registered and insured. Sign up for UberBlack.

UberEats Food Delivery Driver Courier Sign Up Bonus

Car Doesn’t Qualify for Uberx?

Deliver Food Instead of People with UberEATS!

Earn Up to $28Hr! Sign Up Now!


Can I Still be an Uber Driver Without Owning a Car?

Yes! Uber has several options for new drivers called Uber XChange Leasing, and a car rental program with Hertz and Enterprise that’s affordable, convenient, and FREE depending on your choice of options and based on meeting qualifying criteria.

Uber XChange Leasing Program:

  • With Uber’s XChange program  you can choose to drive popular models with super flexible leases
  • Affordable Lease rates from $145 weekly
  • New and current Uber driver partners are welcomed
  • No long-term commitment required-Return your car lease anytime with 2 weeks notice
  • Lease plans are up to 36 months on popular cars from Toyota, GM, Ford, Nissan, Hyundai, Chrysler, and more
  • Every lease comes with routine maintenance and no mileage caps so you can drive as much as you want.
  • Get started with just a $250 security deposit with affordable weekly payments automatically deducted from that week’s Uber earnings. It’s that simple!
  • To Apply for Uber’s lease XChange program simply sign up with our special Uber driver promo code link in order to qualify your new driver bonus. Be sure to include promo code: uberuber9i2qn5

Uber_Xchange_leasing_sign_up_bonus_drive_uber_with_no_carUber now has a vehicle lease or car rental program to help you get on the road and earn money fast! All credit levels are welcome! Click Here to Sign up Now and get your car today!

Uber Hertz Car Rental Program for Uberx Drivers (Recommended):


How it Works:

  • First, sign up, and be approved as an Uber driver partner: Sign up to drive Uber
  • Reserve a car with us at one of the locations listed below. Make sure to includes
  • Select date and time for vehicle pick up and return (7-day reservation required, weekly extensions up to 28 days)
  • Confirm midsize vehicle
  • On Reservation Confirmation Page enter Name, Email, and Phone Number

How Much it Cost to Rent an Uber Hertz Car?

  • Prices vary from $180-$215 Depending on vehicle type, not including tax & applicable fees

What’s included in your Uber Hertz rental:

  • Unlimited mileage
  • All vehicle maintenance
  • Hertz Loss Damage Waiver* included. No additional insurance required to drive with Uber.
  • 24 hour, 365 days a year Roadside Assistance
  • Sign up to drive Uber for more details

To Be eligible to rent from Hertz, you must:

  • Be at least 25 years or older
  • Be approved to drive with Uber
  • Have a valid credit card or debit card** and driver’s license
  • Provide deposit of estimated rental charges plus $200 via credit card or debit card**
  • No credit check if you pay deposit with credit card
  • Sign up to drive Uber for more details

Click Below to Book at One of Our Participating Locations:

Uber Enterprise Car Rental Program for Uberx Drivers (Recommended):



  • First, sign up and be approved as an Uber driver partner: Sign up to drive Uber
  • Approved Uber driver-partner
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Valid credit or debit card
  • 25 or older
  • Must complete payment assignment & deduction authorization agreement (ACH)
  • A $250 security deposit is taken at the time of rental
  • Enterprise is pleased to offer approved Uber driver-partners new model, mid-sized cars for $215 per week + applicable taxes and fees. Our low rate includes unlimited miles, liability coverage (amount depends on the stage of use) and physical damage protection for damage in excess of $1000.
  • Check participating Uber Enterprise car rental locations here

Have a Question?
Speak with an Uber Driver Specialist Today!
Click to Call Your Fellow Driver Mike Dean: 1-415-570-4773

Uber FAQ:

How Much Do Uber Drivers Make?

Earnings vary by city and market, demand, promotions and incentive programs. The average earnings usually are between $20-$40 an hour after Uber’s commission fees. Uber offers several opportunities to boost income that put extra cash in your pocket:

Uber Weekly Guarantee Bonuses:

Fulfill a number of required rides within a week and receive bonuses on top of earnings from $100-$500

Uber Hourly Guarantee Incentives: 

Drive during selected hours, days or weekends and receive a guaranteed hourly rate ranging from $20-$50 depending on city or market

Uber Boost Guarantee Incentives:

Drive during selected hours, days or weekends and receive a Boost guarantee of 1.5x the fares up to 3x the fares during the selected boost periods

Uber Surge Pricing during high demand times:

Weekend nights, holidays, events, concerts and even the weather can increase demand. When demand peaks, surge pricing goes into effect increasing your fare earnings by 1.5x-8x. Ex. just one rider fare at $7 can increase to $21 if surge pricing is at 3x giving you gross earnings of $21!

Uber Driver Bonus Promo-Invite Code-Referral Program:

Uber driver sign-up bonuses or referral promotional bonuses can be as high as $1,250 in multiple cities! Referring friends or family to drive with Uber can pay off huge. Many drivers earn thousands extra with Uber’s driver sign on bonus referral program when the new drivers they refer complete a set number of required trips in their city within at least 30 days. There are many drives like myself who are earings over $5,000 a week in just Uber driver bonus referrals alone and so can you!

Uber Driver National Average Earnings Estimates:

While no earnings date currently exists, based on research conducted directly with drivers via social media Facebook Groups, drivers seem to earn on average of $18-42hr on a national scale. The range differs by city and state, full and part-time status, season or holidays, and promotional offerings. Ex. San Francisco full-time drivers are earning an average of $28hr-$32 net after Uber’s commission, while drivers in Denver may be averaging $16-$21hr net. New York drivers can earn as high as $42hr on average. Drivers who drive with Uber tend to earn well above their given states/city minimum wage.

uber driver sign up bonus invite code

Hourly Guarantees, weekly bonuses, and surge pricing may vary by market/city.

Speak with an Uber Driver Specialist Today!
Click to Call Your Rep Mike Dean: 1-415-570-4773

Note: Actual earnings of San Francisco Uber drivers after promotions. Income, bonuses, incentives, promotions, and surge pricing may vary by city and market.

Uber Driver Support

There are several Uber drivers can contact Uber support on all platforms including UberEATS:

  • Uber Greenlight Hub driver support locations: You can visit in person to meet with a live Uber customer support representatives if you need to resolve issues, ask questions, get activated, have your vehicle inspected for free, and much more. To find an Uber Greenlight Hub in your city be sure to check out our article which lists Uber Greenlight Hubs by City and State here.
  • Contact Uber via driver app or desktop support
  • Uber Phone Support: Uber is rolling out 24/7  phone support in multiple cities throughout the U.S. for current Uber drivers only. Check to see if phone support is activated in your city:
    • Launch Uber driver app then follow menu path from Home>Account>Help>if you see a blue neon phone icon in the upper right corner under the “Help” section then you can contact Uber 24/7 via in-app phone support

Retroactive Uber Referral Invite Code-Missed Driver Sign-Up Bonus

uber sign up bonus missed retro for new driver

If you recently signed up for Uber within the last several weeks and did not use other drivers referral promo code or promo link, there is a good chance you may still qualify for the new driver sign up bonus. I have helped many new drivers who missed their bonus get one after they already started driving. Uber will allow a new driver to receive a retroactive signup bonus if a claim is filed within 15 days of being approved as a new driver. However, you must be referred by a current Uber driver in good standing. To receive your retroactive new Uber driver sign-up bonus check out this article on how to claim your retroactive bonus in just 3 minutes, and expedite the process before the 15-day limit runs out.

Uber Driver Retroactive Invite Code & Missed Sign-Up Bonus Hotline 1-415-570-4773

Get Your Missed or Retroactive Referral Invite Code for Your Uber Driver Sign-up Bonus in 2 Minutes!

Can I drive for both Uber and Lyft?

Yes! There are no restrictions on which platform you can drive for. As an independent contractor both Uber and Lyft allow you to choose when and where to drive, and your platform choice. Many drivers even use both apps at the same time to maximize incoming request, thus fare earnings. Its always a good idea anyway to have options while having a backup, and diversifying your income stream.

Can I drive Uber part-time?

Absolutely! You choose any day or time when you want to drive. Some drivers make close up to $$600 just driving Friday and Saturday nights and weekends.

Lyft Driver Sign-up Bonus & Promotion!

Lyft sign up bonuses are competitive, and range from $100-$2,000, and have been as high as $5000  depending on the city, and promotional time period offers. Visit this link and get your new Lyft driver signup bonus now!

Lyft sign up bonus list 200 750 500 bonuses

Lyft sign-on bonuses are subject to change at any given time at Lyft’s own discretion. Lyft sign-up bonus amounts are set by Lyft for each city and are not affected by any specific promo code or promo landing page.

Sign-Up • Drive with Uber • Get Paid!

uber driver sign-up bonus $1000 promo code sign on bonus make good money with uber

Get a Huge Uber Driver Sign up Bonus Now!

UberEats: Deliver Food Instead of People!

UberEats Food Delivery Driver Courier Sign Up Bonus

Car Doesn’t Qualify? Or Want to Deliver Food Instead of People with UberEats?

Earn Up to $28Hr! Sign Up Now!

Use Promo Code: michaelg3743 for your bonus!

UberEats Driver Sign Up Bonus Promo Invite Code Up to $1,100

Become an UberEats driver today and receive up to $1,100 sign up bonus based on your city. UberEats drivers are in great demand as Ubers UberEats food delivery platform has taken off. See our exclusive guide to becoming an UberEats driver with tips, strategies and how to claim you UberEats huge signup bonus!

UberEats Driver Partner Requirements

  • You must be 19 years of age or older (21 years of age or older in Canada)
  • You must have a valid driver’s license, personal auto insurance, and proof of vehicle registration
  • Registration may be in another individuals name providing both parties are on the same insurance
  • 1 year of driving experience
  • Expect to lift up to 30 pounds
  • Pass background check which includes the following in the past 7 years

UberEats Vehicle Requirements

  • 1996 vehicle or newer
  • 4 or 2 door vehicle, van, or pick up pick truck
  • salvage vehicles allowed
  • Scooters accepted but not recommended by Uber as Uber’s insurance does not cover scooter vehicle types


Mystro is an app that makes on-demand drivers more money by allowing them to safely and easily drive for multiple on-demand platforms and never miss a trip they want.

  • App Switching: Seamlessly drive for multiple on-demand platforms by allowing Mystro’s App Switching feature to control your platforms and do the switching for you.
  • Filter Trip Requests: No more “spam requests.” Mystro allows you to only accept the trips that make you the most money with the least amount of effort.
  • Service Filters: Whether it be Black, SUV, XL Select, Premiere, LUX, Plus, or X, you decide which service works for you at any given moment.
  • Hands-Free Automation: Keep your eyes on the road while you drive and let Mystro’s Hands-Free Automation feature accept trip requests for you.
  • Increase Your Earnings: Mystro’s automation features allow you to never miss profitable trips, drive less, and make up to 30% more money!