Uber Drivers Protest & Boycott At SFO After Recent Fare Cuts and Turn Off Apps

[featured-video-plus] Uber Drivers Protest Fare Cuts at SFO

Uber’s most recent recent fare cuts on January 9th, 2016 across 100 Cities in the U.S. and Canada have Uber drivers protesting once again setting off a frenzy of disappointment, frustration and Uber Drivers Protest in San Francisco International Airport After Uber Cuts Passenger Fares in Over 100 U.S. Citiesanger amongst the Uber, and TNC driver community. Sentiments can be heard loud and clear from multiple Facebook group chat pages, TNC drivers blogs, driver forums, to pit stop conversations at Starbucks where drivers have expressed their dismay and grievances over yet another earnings cut. Drivers have rallied together in an effort to organize strikes, protest and even boycotts where some drivers are encouraging others to turn off their apps until Uber addresses their concerns.

Uber maintains the fare cuts are designed to offset the slow Winter season which will spur an increase in demand, and in turn increase drivers overall earnings. Additionally Uber is offering hourly guarantees to ease the transition. However, most drivers I spoke with have only seen earnings decline when fares are cut, not add to their bottom line. Drivers see Uber’s statistics, data and charts indicating driver earning growth when fares are cut as simply false, and nothing more then lies to appease the general public and justify the price war targeting Lyft. When I mentioned to the drivers that Uber uses “science” in its analysis to generate and substantiate their findings on increased driver earnings, one driver said it’s nothing more than “mad science!”

Uber drivers switching over to drive for LyftMany drivers I spoke with in general here in the San Francisco Bay Area who drive for just Uber or both Uber and Lyft seem to be migrating over to Lyft.  I noticed this exodus of Uber drivers shifting over to Lyft a year ago based on several reasons: Lyft offers a tip option for passengers in the app, Lyft has what’s called a Power Driver Bonuses (only available in san Francisco, San Diego and Salt Lake City) with up to 0% commission taken out if a driver meets all requirements, and Lyft is seen as a “driver friendly” platform that cares more about their drivers then Uber.

Lyft sign up bonuses currently range from $50-$400 depending on markets. Check Lyft’s sign up bonuses here for the Lyft sign up bonus in your market/city.

Note: what ever sign up bonus is indicated in your market, is the bonus you will receive after qualifying, not whats indicated on a referrers link or in the promo code links bonus amount. You market=your bonus amount. Check here for Lyft’s up to date new driver sign up bonuses in your city.

2 thoughts on “Uber Drivers Protest & Boycott At SFO After Recent Fare Cuts and Turn Off Apps”

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    Travis formula:
    Uber more Low rates = (more happy enthusiastics, dynamics,efficients drivers) + (more cheap, frugal, entitled, rude, libertine, disgusting, arrogant, tclassless, shameless drunks pseudo riders) + (less taxis)

    Don’t be confuse bro; when you do a activity with a gun in your head, under menaces, with a twisted arm, against you will and not payment is slavery
    But when you do that completely aware of what you are doing with passion, enthusiastic, and dynamism
    When you are completely aware the damage you are doing to yourself and to the taxi industry; brother, this is not slavery ; this is pure stupidity and masochism

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    We need to write a Bill Right for the driver then uber and LYFT would have to follow those guidelines… Just like airline have them for their passengers but this would be for the driver!!!!

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