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    Travis formula:
    Uber more Low rates = (more happy enthusiastics, dynamics,efficients drivers) + (more cheap, frugal, entitled, rude, libertine, disgusting, arrogant, tclassless, shameless drunks pseudo riders) + (less taxis)

    Don’t be confuse bro; when you do a activity with a gun in your head, under menaces, with a twisted arm, against you will and not payment is slavery
    But when you do that completely aware of what you are doing with passion, enthusiastic, and dynamism
    When you are completely aware the damage you are doing to yourself and to the taxi industry; brother, this is not slavery ; this is pure stupidity and masochism

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    We need to write a Bill Right for the driver then uber and LYFT would have to follow those guidelines… Just like airline have them for their passengers but this would be for the driver!!!!

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