Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Office Locations

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Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Office-Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support locations

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Uber Greenlight Hub driver support offices aka Uber Greenlight Hub driver support locations can now be found in most cities with well over 100+ locations scattered throughout the U.S. These growing Uber Greenlight Hub driver support office centers allow for new and current Uber drivers to have an in-person one-on-one, interaction with live Uber driver customer support representatives (CSR’s). Many new and current Uber drivers have found it difficult in the past, and sometimes impossible to contact Uber via other support methods. Visiting an Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Office in your city or market is currently the best option in getting fast and reliable support when you need it.

It can be quite the daunting task for new and current Uber drivers who may have account-related questions to get their answers addressed correctly or within a reasonably expedited time frame. Especially, being Uber has phased out direct email support, discontinued their live support chat feature, and replaced it with in-app support and an FAQ library which may not be easy to navigate or have the exact answers an Uber driver is looking for. While Uber has in fact recently launched live phone support for the Uber driver community, the program is still in beta, and currently only available in several cities. However, with Uber’s major ongoing expansion of live support centers throughout the U.S., Uber drivers can now get a full list of available services and support, and all their questions and concerns addressed simply by visiting a local Uber driver Greenlight Hub location in their city.

There is no better resource today for Uber drivers that can help them get the support they need then whats available at an Uber Greenlight Hub Office. Whether its answering account questions, addressing drivers concerns or issues, getting a free vehicle inspection, or helping a new driver get on the road, the in-person support and accommodations from an actual live Uber employee at a Greenlight Hubs is the best way to go. Visiting an Uber Greenlight Hub Office will put you directly in front of a real person who has the ability and expertise to fix issues or answer your questions. Instead of the frustration that can occur with endless threads of back and forth Uber support messaging and emails, just one visit to an Uber Greenlight Hub Location can get the resolution you need, in the time you want.


Search Your City for Uber Greenlight Hub’s

Click here for a direct link to your cities Uber Greenlight Hub locations for in-person support (if available in your city)

Note: Be sure your city is indicated in the upper right corner (you should automatically be GEO located and directed to your cities Greenlight Hub )

Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Office vs Uber Greenlight Spot’s

Uber has two tiers or types of Greenlight Hub driver support locations in the US. One is called an Uber Greenlight Hub, and the other called an Uber Greenlight Spot. Essentially, both the Uber Greenlight Hubs and Uber Greenlight Spots both provide similar customer-related services to new and current drivers, with the exception of one specific service found only at the Uber Greenlight Hub locations. Uber Greenlight ‘Hub’s” are full-service support centers generally located in a rented building or space, or occupying a parking lot type area. The exception to an Uber Greenlight Hub, as previously mentioned, is they will also include free vehicle inspection for both new and current drivers. The Greenlight “Spots” are satellite type support locations that have limited support personnel and don’t offer free vehicle inspection services on the premises. However, an Uber Greenlight Spot may have an onsite Uber authorized auto mechanic specialist provided by YourMechanic that can perform the required vehicle inspections at a discounted cost to new and current drivers. Uber Greenlight “Spots” were established with a partnership between Uber and Sprint, where official Uber support representatives provide support services directly in many Sprint stores throughout the U.S. Both Greenlight Hub and Spot locations can address most driver’s needs. Uber Greenlight Spots are also easy to set up and launch allowing Uber to provide support in those cities until the driver base increases which at that point Uber will begin to set up full service, stand-alone Uber Greenlight Hubs.

Uber Greenlight Hubs:

  • Uber Greenlight Hub facilities are Uber’s official help center for both new and current driver-partners. Uber Greenlight Hubs are full-service support centers that are exclusive to free vehicle inspections directly on the Greenlight Hub premises. You can also meet with an Uber expert in person and ask your questions 1-on-1 with at any Greenlight Hub Office. You’ll find a full staff of 4-10+ Uber experts at most Greenlight Hubs who can provide a complete array of support services from getting new drivers activated, address payments or app-related issues, updating your documents, and much more. See the list of available support services below.

Uber Greenlight Spots:

  • Greenlight Spot locations are generally located at Sprint stores throughout the U.S. and were originally intended for in-person assistance for new drivers. However, current Uber drivers in need of support can also be accommodated for most support services at these Spot locations with the exception of vehicle inspections. Whether you need support for new driver activation, have account-related questions or issues you can find a Greenlight Spot near you to get the support you need. Aside from Greenlight Spots being available in Sprint stores, Uber may use additional satellite or pop-up locations to provide support services to driver-partners. Keep in mind other satellite or pop-up locations may be limited to days or hours availability:
    • Sprint Uber Greenlight Spots (support hours/days usually based on Sprint stores schedule)
    • Hotel Greenlight Spot/Pop-ups (limited days/hours usually 1 or 2 days in the week)
    • Starbucks Greenlight Spots (Uber has set up shop in many Starbucks throughout the U.S. as well. Available support times/days may vary but will usually be 1 or 2 days in a given week)


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Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Office-What to Expect

ber greenlight hub driver support office

The benefit of going directly to an Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Location is hopefully to resolve any issues or questions with just one visit. Going to the Uber Greenlight Hub location can be a lot faster than searching online for answers, navigating Uber’s website, contacting Uber customer support using in-app help messaging, or getting lost in the in-app Uber help FAQ section. Time is money. The faster you can get questions answered and issues resolved, the faster you can get on the road to earn some money.

  • Get a Free vehicle inspection (only available at Uber Greenlight Hub’s, not GL Spots)
  • Get help with documents: Uploading, updating, adding, modifying or changing
  • Ask questions about your account:
    • how and when you get paid
    • pay discrepancies or errors
    • rates, fares, and ratings
    • resolve deactivation or suspension issues
    • rider related issues
  • Pick up Uber vehicle trade dress/signage and airport permits
  • Resolve app-related issues
  • Change or modify the Uber platform you’re assigned too (ex. add on UberSelect or UberSUV)
  • Opt-in or opt-out of UberEATS
  • Pick up free phone mounts, car charger, and charging cables
  • Pick up UberEATS insulated bags
  • Apply to drive for Uberx or UberEATS food delivery
    • NOTE: New driver sign up bonuses are not offered directly by Uber, Uber Greenlight Hub driver support locations, or via the Uber.com website. Instead, a new driver must participate in Uber’s referral program by being referred by a current and/or active Uberx or UberEATS driver to be eligible for a new driver bonus
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  • Missed Uber driver sign-up bonus: get a retroactive Uber driver referral invite promo code added to your account if you didn’t use one during sign-up, or were not referred by another Uber driver for a new Uber driver sign-up bonus. You have 15 days from activation to be added. APPLY HERE, and follow the instructions!
  • Chat with a Rideshare insurance representative from Farmers or other insurance providers (where available)
  • Chat with an AT&T mobile representative about offers, plans, and discounts (where available)

NOTE: some cities may list a Greenlight Hub or Spot nearest to your city. Ex. Detroit Greenlight Hub or Website may service Uber drivers from the Ann Arbor area within Michigan.

Search Your City for an Uber Greenlight Hub Near You

You can find your cities Uber Greenlight Hub via the following instructions:

  1. Click on this link for “Getting in-person activation and support help”, and Uber Greenlight Hub locations if available in your city:
    1. You will be auto “Geo Located” and directed to the nearest Greenlight Hub and addresses near you
    2. Scroll down the page and click on the tab “UBER GREENLIGHT HUB CENTERS OR INFORMATION” to open up a new window on the “Contact Uber” page for additional Uber Greenlight Hub locations near you
    3. Scroll down Contact Uber page to “Find an Uber Greenlight location” and Greenlight Hub map
  2. Search the list below for Uber Greenlight Hubs listed by City
  3. Search the list below for Uber Greenlight Hubs listed by State

Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Office by City

Whether you need your vehicle inspected, documents updated, or just have a general account-related question, your local Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Office locations have the Uber experts onsite to support your needs.

We’ve compiled the most comprehensive list of Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Office locations currently available in the U.S. so you can get the support you need when you need it. We will be expanding and updating all city and state Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Office Locations when Uber makes that information available.

Uber greenlight Hub Driver Support office


NOTE: Uber Greenlight Hub or Greenlight Spot Cities are “highlighted in green to indicate available Uber Greenlight Hub or Uber Greenlight Spots in those cities. All other cities will be updated when Uber makes that information available.

Abilene, Texas

Akron, Ohio

Albany, New York

Albuquerque, New Mexico


Amarillo, Texas

Ames, Iowa

Anaheim, California

Anchorage, Alaska

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Annapolis, Maryland

Asheville, North Carolina

Athens, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Auburn, Alabama

Austin, Texas

Bakersfield, California

Baldwin Park, California

Baltimore, Maryland

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Beaumont, Texas

Beaverton, Oregon

Birmingham, Alabama

Boca Raton, Florida

Boston, Massachusetts

Brentwood, New York

Bridgeton, Missouri

Brockton, Massachusetts

Buffalo, New York

Carmel Indiana

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Charleston, South Carolina

Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlottesville, Virginia

Chicago, Illinois

Chino, California

Chula Vista, California

Cincinnati, Ohio

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Clarksville, Tennessee

Cleveland, Ohio

College Station, Texas

Columbia, South Carolina

Columbus, Ohio

Corpus Christi, Texas

Covina, California

Dallas, Texas

Dayton, Ohio

Denver, Colorado

Des Moines, Iowa

Dorchester, Massachusetts

Dover, Delaware

Detroit, Michigan

Eatontown, New Jersey

Edison, New Jersey

Elk Grove, California

El Paso, Texas

Easton, Delaware

Fayetteville, North Carolina

Flint, Michigan

Forestville, Maryland

Fort Collins, Colorado

Fort Worth, Texas

Fresno, California

Gainesville, Florida

Grand Rapids, Michigan Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Office

Greensboro, North Carolina

Greenville, North Carolina

Hampton, Virginia

Harrisonburg, Virginia

Hartford, Connecticut

Hayward, California Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Office

Henderson, Nevada

Hermitage, Tennessee

Hoboken, New Jersey

Honolulu, Hawaii

Houston, Texas

Humble, Texas

Indianapolis, Indiana

Inland Empire, California

Iowa City, Iowa

Irvine, California

Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville, North Carolina

Jersey Shore, New Jersey

Kalamazoo, Michigan

Kansas City, Missouri

Killeen, Texas

Knoxville, Tennessee

Lansing, Michigan

Las Vegas, Nevada

Lawrence, Massachusetts

Lawton, Oklahoma

Lexington, Virginia

London, Connecticut

Lon Tree, Colorado

Long Island, New York

Los Angeles, California

Lafayette, Louisiana

Louisville, Kentucky

Lubbock, Texas

Madison, Wisconsin Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Office

Martinez, California

Maui, Hawaii

Mesa, Arizona

Midland, Texas

Memphis, Tennessee

Metairie, Louisiana

Miami, Florida

Mobile, Alabama

Modesto, California

Montgomery, Alabama

Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Nashville, Tennessee

New Orleans, Louisiana

Newark, California

New York City, New York

Norfolk, Virginia

Northwest Indiana, Indiana

Oakland, California

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Omaha, Nebraska

Orange, Connecticut

Orange County, California

Orlando, Florida

Palm Springs, Californian

Paramus, Jersey

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Phoenix, Arizona

Piedmont Triad, North Carolina

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Providence, Massachusetts

Raleigh, North Carolina

Redwood City, California

Riverside, California

Rochelle, Jersey

Rochester, New York

Sacramento, California

Saint Paul, Minnesota

Salem, Massachusetts

Salisbury, Delaware

Salt Lake City, Utah

San Antonio, Texas

San Bernardino, California

San Diego, California

San Francisco, California

San Jose, California

San Luis Obispo, California

Santa Barbara, California

Santa Cruz, California

Santa Rosa, California

Seattle, Washington Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Office

Silver Spring, Maryland Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Office

Somerset, New Jersey Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Office

South Plainfield, New Jersey Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Office

Spokane, Washington Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Office

Stanford, Connecticut Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Office

Stockton, California Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Office

Sugar Land, Texas Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Location

Syracuse, New York Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Office

Tacoma, Washington Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Location

Tallahassee, Florida Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Office

Tampa, Florida Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Office

Tempe, Arizona Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Office

Toledo, Ohio Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Office

Toms River, New Jersey Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Office

Toronto, Canada Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Office

Tucson, Arizona Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Office

Tulsa, Oklahoma Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Office

Tuscaloosa Alabama Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Office

Tyler, Texas Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Location

Tysons Corner, Virginia Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Office

Union, New Jersey Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Office

Uniondale, New York Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Office

Vallejo, California

Ventura, California

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Waco, Texas

Washington D.C.

Webster, Texas

Westchester, New York

Westminster, California

Westminster, Colorado

West Palm Beach, Florida

Wilkes-Barre Scranton, Pennsylvania

Wilmington, North Carolina

Yonkers, New York

Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Office by State

Find the most up to date list of Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Office locations in your state below. We will adding more city and states Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Locations, and updating new locations when that information becomes available.

Uber greenlight hub driver support office


NOTE: Uber Greenlight Hub or Greenlight Spot Cities are “highlighted in green to indicate available Uber Greenlight Hub or Uber Greenlight Spots in those cities. All other cities will be updated when Uber makes that information available.





  • Little Rock Uber Greenlight Hub/Spot Address-Hours of Operation-Google Maps Location





  • Not currently available. Closes locations: Uber Greenlight Hubs in Washington DC/Baltimore
  • Dover Uber Greenlight Hub/Spot Address-Hours of Operation-Google Maps Location
  • Easton Uber Greenlight Hub/Spot Address-Hours of Operation-Google Maps Location
  • Salisbury Uber Greenlight Hub/Spot Address-Hours of Operation-Google Maps Location




















New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota





Road Island

South Carolina

South Dakota







Washington, D.C. Uber Greenlight Hub Driver Support Location

West Virginia



N/A Contact Uber Support Help (for current drivers or newly signed up applicants only)


We’ve spent countless hours researching, databasing, linking, and organizing by city and state all current available Uber Greenlight Hub Locations in the U.S. to help minimize your effort in the search process. You’ll also find links to Ubers websites that are specific to your city which includes additional information such as free vehicle inspections, vehicle and driver requirements, best places to drive,  and much more. We hope you find this article and resource beneficial, and encourage you to share it amongst the driver community, and Uber Facebook groups.

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