Uber Makes Drivers Take a Real Time ID Check Security Selfie

Last Updated on June 10, 2020 by Mike Dean



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Uber Real-Time ID Check Security Selfie for Drivers

Uber recently launched Real-Time ID Check which prompts drivers to take a selfie of themselves prior to going online and hitting the road. Real-Time ID Check, Uber’s latest security feature is in collaboration with Microsoft Cognitive Services to protect both riders and drivers on the road. Uber’s Real-Time ID Check is designed to ensure the driver using the app is actually the driver that has a partner account on file with Uber. The new Uber partner app feature prevents potential fraudulent use by non-Uber partners while protecting the riders by creating an additional layer of security and making sure the right person is behind the wheel.

In 2015 SFO and LAX airports law enforcement ran a sting operation to cross-check on drivers backgrounds to see if any had bypassed Uber or Lyft’s background check system performed by a 3rd party provider called Checkr.com. Among 25 drivers caught in the sting one driver was convicted of second-degree murder in Los Angeles in 1982 and served 26 years in prison, while another was convicted of felony sexual exploitation of children in Wyoming in 2005, and another of ‘felony kidnapping for ransom with a firearm’ in 1994.” However, Uber and Lyft are only required by regulation to run background checks within the last 7 years and those drivers mentioned might have maintained a squeaky clean record during the 7-year time frame. In addition, several Uber and Lyft drivers who were identified during the undercover investigation were actually not official Uber or Lyft drivers or vetted on the Uber platform. Instead, they were family members or even friends who borrowed the actual driver’s app, or login in credentials to give rides to unsuspecting riders. Some of these fake drivers even borrowed the real driver’s app, phone, and car.

As a driver myself I’ve witnessed or heard about drivers lending out their partner app to others and find the practice to be irresponsible, and dangerous to both the rider and driver community. I’m excited to see the launch of Uber’s Real-Time ID Check driver security feature, and to have reviewed in my Youtube video above. I’m confident this will contribute to a safer rider and driver experience. Now all drivers need is a Real-Time ID Check feature for riders!

How Uber Real-Time ID Check Security Selfie for Drivers Works:

  • Drivers are prompted periodically to take a selfie in the Uber driver app when they attempt to login.
  • Microsoft’s Cognitive Service system scans to instantly compare the driver’s photo to the one corresponding with the account on file.
  • If the two photos don’t match, Uber will temporarily suspend the drivers account while they review the discrepancy.

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